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Blue Pearl Yoga - The Most Mysterious And Wondrous In Siddha Yoga Literature


There was a discussion about lights in the head in a cosmology class several years ago. People who meditate or are clairvoyant are not new to seeing light in their heads. Some people claim to have seen white lights, while others claim to have seen blue ones.

Swami Muktananda's account of his visionary meditation experiences of Blue Pearl Yogais the most mysterious and wondrous in SiddhaYoga literature.

What Is The Blue Pearl Of Meditation?

Despite its diminutive size and the fact that "it contains millions and millions of universes," the Blue Pearl, or bindu, exhibits a brightness equal to a thousand suns. It is the blue pearl that resides in our hearts, and our hearts are the blue pearl's home. As the "supreme unmanifest being," or the "extremely secret" Blue Person of the Blue Pearl, the goal of yoga is to merge with, and become one with, the "formless" Light of Consciousness. Baba wrote: "This is not something that can ever be expressed, in speech or writing, even at the end of time.".

Four mirroring images of angular wood and windows meet and become one
Four mirroring images of angular wood and windows meet and become one

There is an invisible point at the center of this symmetrical photograph in which the four mirroring images meet and become one. An entirely new visual whole, a symbolic image, emerges when the images are put into four-fold unity. That's where the image comes from in the Imaginal World and comes to life as the Blue Pearl in the real world.

Sahasrara - The "Crown Chakra"

An individual soul's "heart chakra" (hamsah) is located in the heart. The Supreme Self resides in the sahasrara, a point on the crown of the head. This is the place where we come to understand that we are all one soul. The great light that consumes the universe is this Supreme Hamsah, also known as the "Guru Principle." The Blue Pearl is located at the center of a triangle in the sahasrara. What is this brilliant blue dot? It is a state of condensed consciousness on the verge of forming the universe. Each pearl (bindus) grows into three separate pearls (a-ka-tha) that form the triangle. The source of all sound vibration is this triangle, which is composed of all the letters of the alphabet; these sounds or letters then descend in sequence through the chakras. The Blue Pearl is the source of all vibrating sound in the universe.

The Yoga Practices That Activate The Blue Pearl And Crown Chakra

  • Half lotus pose- This pose is ideal for meditation because it connects you to your higher consciousness.
  • Tree pose- activates the crown chakra's energy and revitalizes the mind.
  • Corpse pose- affects the crown chakra by calming it and balancing it.
  • Alternate Nose Breathing- Calms and centers the mind in preparation for meditation.

Final Thoughts

Swami Muktananda, a Siddha yoga guru, described the blue pearl as "the light that illuminates the mind and illuminates everything." Additionally, it has been said to contain the entirety of the universe and divinity within the individual.

Some have had visions of the blue pearl outside of their bodies while meditating, while others have seen the light with their eyes closed. These visions are believed to be a window into the Self's deepest recesses.

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