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Siddha Guru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi


A spiritual teacher known as a Siddha guruis considered to have an unbroken identification with their supreme Self. Siddhameans "accomplished" in Sanskrit, while guru means "instruction" or "teacher" in Sanskrit.

A siddha guru is a person who has transcended the ego and lives in a body that is totally governed by sattva. A siddha guru's mind is considered to be completely obedient to their higher awareness.

The Concept Of Siddha Guru

The concept of siddha guru is very essential in Kashmir Shaivism, a Hindu ideology in which the siddha guru is the leader of the Siddha lineage. Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, whose meaning is "the ecstasy of the play of awareness," is the current siddha guru. She became a monk in 1982 and currently strives to awaken seekers to their own spiritual potential through shaktipat. People on their spiritual journey can learn from her advice through teaching and writing.

Who Is Sri Ramanananda Maharshi?

Sri Ramanananda Maharshi was meditating in a white Indian dress
Sri Ramanananda Maharshi was meditating in a white Indian dress

Siddha Guru Ramanananda Maharshi is a spiritual master, public-spirited, and selfless spiritual Guru who embodies the heavenly attributes of love and kindness. "Enabling people to engage with God is a true social conscience," he says. Many individuals around the world have been moved by his spiritual works and have gone on to pursue spiritual understanding. His seminars teach people how to live a balanced, material existence while maintaining spiritual awareness and dispassion. The melodies he composed imbue the seeker with divine love. He made a contribution to the Vedas by disseminating 20350 Veda mantras around the world. He founded the non-profit "Shiva Shakthi Shirdi Sai Anugraha Mahapeetam," which reveals spirituality beyond the extremities of all religions. In the world, he is known as "Siddhaguru."

His Early Years

He was born on April 27, 1968, as the 16th child of Late Sri Guduru Narasaiah and Late Smt. Nagamani in Kappatralla village, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh.He was able to worship Goddess Kanakadurga with selfless devotion by the age of nine, and by the age of 24, he had reached "Om Namah Shivaya" Mantra Siddhi. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree.


Shirdi Sai Baba came into his life in 1994 and bestowed him with the Sadguru Mata Poornanandagiri yogini, who blessed him with the ability to realize his true nature. On June 29, 1995, he underwent a twenty-one-day period of silence (Samadhi) in the Kanakadurga temple in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India.

In 2001, Shirdi Saibaba bestowed upon him Shaktipat, a potent meditation technique for awakening the kundalini in spiritual seekers all around the world. With time, he became the focus of everyone's attention.


Shaktipat is Siddhaguru's unique contribution to the process of self-improvement for authentic spirituality. The passage of energy from HIM to the seeker is part of a profound meditation healing process. It improves both physical and emotional health. By enveloping the divine with its identity and traits, it activates Kundalini in a seeker and helps him discover his true self. In Siddhaguru's meditation, this is the focal point.

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Ashrams Siddhaguru established Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetam as a non-profit organization in 2012. "Shiva Shakthi Shirdi Sai Anugraha Mahapeetam" (nickname Ramaneswaram) was founded as a non-profit organization in the Indian state of Telangana in 2012, "Shaktipat Yogi Meditation Center" in the United States in 2017, and is about to open a spiritual retreat on the European continent with the goal of connecting all spiritual seekers with God. Lord Shiva, the actual self, Goddess Shakthi, the method for obtaining Lord Shiva, and Shirdi Sai Baba, the guru, the route rainfall to conquer, that means attaining Lord Shiva—this is the objective of Ramaneswaram. This ashram makes a point about the significance of not confining trinity worship to a certain place.

The Bottom Line

Siddha guru has the ability to initiate their followers into the practice of yoga. It is said that they can activate kundalini spiritual energy in their students through shaktipat, which is the graceful act of giving spiritual energy from one person to the next.

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